Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of pets are permitted? What about exotic pets?
    We allow cats and dogs for selected breeds, but not exotic pets. Excluded dog breeds include Akita, Alaskan Malamute, American Bull Dog, American Pit Bull Terrier, American or Bull Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, Chinese Shar-Pei, Dalmatian, Doberman Pinscher, Persa Canario, Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Siberian Husky, Stafford Terrier, Chow, German Shepherd and any mix thereof. Requires a letter by a Certified Veterinarian for proof of breed, weight, and required vaccinations.
  • How many pets are allowed?
    2 pets per apartment.
  • What are the charges for a pet?
    $350 per pet and $15 per month per pet.
  • What must I bring with me for a tour?
    A valid government issued photo ID (driver’s license, ID card, passport, military ID)
  • What are the additional fees?
    The application fee is $75 per person, the admin fee is $150, the deposit is $150 for one bedrooms, $250 for two bedrooms, $350 for three bedrooms.
  • What is the required credit and income qualifications?
    Three times monthly rent with required proof of income and third party credit screening.
  • What is accepted as “proof of income”?
    Two pay stubs or three past months of bank statements or an offer letter or a current W2.
  • What if I am approved but my roommate is not?
    The roommate will not be approved to lease/live onsite.
  • Can my security deposit be refunded?
  • What are my options for breaking the lease for a job transfer?
    You can terminate your lease early with a 60-day written notice, payment of an early termination fee equal to one month’s rent and pay-back of any concessions given.
  • Will my lease become month to month after a year?
    Your lease will automatically default to a month-to-month lease upon completion of the current lease term unless a renewal lease is signed or a 60-day written notice-to-vacate is given.
  • Which utilities are included in my lease?
    None are included.
  • How long are the terms of the lease?
    13-15 months and subject to change.
  • Do you offer short term leases?
  • Is renter’s insurance required?
    Yes, you are required to carry a $100,000 minimum personal liability and must list all lease-holders as covered parties.
  • Are furnished apartments available?
  • Are corporate apartments available?
  • How is maintenance handled?
    We have a 24-hour service for emergencies, and regular service hours for all standard maintenance needs. You may submit work orders via email, via phone or through our online resident portal.
  • When is rent due?
    1st of the month.
  • When is a payment considered late?
    On the 4th.
  • Do you accept electronic payments?
    We do through our online residence portal.
  • Where can rent be paid after hours?
    The online residential portal.
  • How long can family or friends stay with me if they are coming to visit?
    7 consecutive days.
  • Is reserved parking available?
    Yes, it is available for a fee.
  • Where can I park a motorcycle?
    Auto parking can be used for motorcycles.
  • If my children will be living with me for an extended period of time, do I need to make the office aware?
    Yes, the office should be made aware and they should be added to the lease as minor occupants.
  • Can I install a satellite dish at my apartment?
    No, satellite dishes are not allowed on site due to risk.
  • Is cable available?
    Yes, we have Time Warner and AT&T available.
  • Is there a fitness facility?
    Yes, we have a 24-hr fitness center.
  • Is there a swimming pool?
  • Is on-site recycling available?
  • Am I allowed to bring my gas grill?
    Per Dallas city code, gas grills are not allowed on property. We will, however, have 2 gas grills onsite for residents use in our communal spaces.
  • Is additional storage space available in Knox Heights?
    Yes, we have storage on site.
  • Is there an option to paint the walls of the apartment?
    Yes. At the end of the lease term or occupancy, the apartment must be returned to its original state, or charges will be applied upon move-out.
  • Does the front desk accept packages?
    Yes, we do not sign for packages, but we accept and send an email notification of delivery.
  • What are the additional fees?
    The application fee is $75 per person, the admin fee is $150, the deposit is $150 for one bedrooms, $250 for two bedrooms, $350 for three bedrooms.



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